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My recent visit to Nepal for paragliding is just a breathtaking journey for me. Its my second visit to  Pokhara during the PWC of paragliding. Paragliding in Pokhara is just a different experience for me in  a new sky. As a pilot i enjoyed it much and ofcourse Pokhara is beautiful place fully decorated with natural beauty as my home place Bir Billing. This event in a  new place  deffinately create  much interest in new visitors.

paragliding in pokhara nepal

Paragliding in Nepal(Himalayas)

Paragliding is my passion and now my passion is my profession it gives me great thrill and this thrill encourages me to make best my profession. My journey to Pokhara is part of it and this appears as great joy for me. I love the place Sarangkot the main area for  paragliding  in Pokhara . The  eye  attractve  view of the 8000 peaks  and local culture. Paragliding in Pokhara is very friendly and constant. Its along with the Himalaya foothills . soaring before the Annapurana Mountains  create a amazing feelings. Flying through the different three directions have beautiful soaring . In east side you can lfy along the Himalayan foothills , in west side along the lake valley and in North side to the first foothills of the Annapurnas and Machapuchare. So overall it is great experience of paragliding in Pokhara.

      Paragliding in India (Himachal)

In India, Paragliding in Himachal is  most recomendable  with other adventure sports .Himachal has enough  suitable places for paragliding and other  adventure sports. In future this has much possibilities of different hidden adventure areas.m Paragliding in Bir Billing is considered as the best paragliding site in India, As my self experience of 8 years in bir billing (my home place) , this is really acceptable about it. My mother place it is and  i have enjoyed here much with  full experience of paragliding . A great event of  paragliding world cup  that is going to held in October 2015. This event will surely a great opportunity for bir billing and for all freshers to experience new with it.

I wish Good luck to Himachal India for a successful event in this year.