Joy Ride

01 Travel

Travelling is the best adventure & experience that happens with someone! For fantastic adventure of Pragliding you have to travel to Bir where we will assist you with this amazing experience.

02 Experience

Once you reached Rudra Travels, you are ready to taste the adventurous experience of Trekking & Paragliding Flights into the skies. Be courages & motivated enough to take this breath-taking experience with you all the lifetime.

03 Relax

Relax in the Dom Camps at Rudra Adventures in between great Nature! Enjoy the Bonfire & music, take good sleep and be ready to paraglide!

Joy Ride

This package is one of the best one for beginners or who did not have experienced the paragliding flight before now.

The Joy Ride takes 15-20 minutes of flight.

It will give you a never forgettable experience and you will crave for more flights

The enjoyment of flight is far out of this universe.

The flight will be carried out from Billing, Himachal Pradesh.


INR 2500/-

Special Activities

Special activities like Bonfire, Camping, Music are enjoyed at Rudra Adventures.


It is the primary adventure you will experience at Rudra Adventures.


Proper Guidance will be provided during the course or flight with proper care!


We are experienced and expert paragliders taking thousands of flights every year.

Book your paragliding flight now!

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